Cheating stories

A Beautiful Wife

by adventurer

08/15/2016 00:39 in blowjob

This is an original story but the story premise is one I've read before. I can't remember where though. I've searched and searched for it so many times, but have given up looking and written my own version of the theme instead. Hope you enjoy. ***** To tell a little bit about myself, I'm Phil, a reg

shirt on t shirt beautiful wife

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A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 12

by Goose

07/02/2016 04:04 in creampie

Chapter 12: Our 25th Anniversary February, 2008 SPECIAL LITEROTICA FORWARD: Critics of my Diary on Literotica have asked why I post in the Loving Wives section. There are two reasons: 1) There is no Cuckolding section, and 2) Sally truly IS a loving wife. I asked her to cuckold me for 15 YEARS, and

shirt on t shirt cuckold's diary

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