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A Big Mistake Ch. 05

by Pami

07/30/2016 18:43 in blowjob

Note from author: Like all the previous chapters, this story contains Female domination, humiliation and bad behavior. If you don't like that, please go read something else. Thanks to all who have sent me feedback. It is great to hear from the readers. Goamz86 * Missy got off the phone and called La

i need an affair big mistake

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A Big Mistake Ch. 04

by Goose

05/21/2016 13:02 in humiliation

This story is about female domination, blackmail and humiliation. If you don't enjoy that, please go read another story. For those of you who do enjoy that, I hope you like it. Please feel free to send feedback, both good and bad as long as it is constructive. Goamz86 Now that Missy felt she had Lar

casual mens clothing big mistake

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