Cheating stories

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 03

by Goose

08/02/2016 16:15 in blowjob

When I arrived at work it was an hour early. I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday afternoon because I had spent a long time jerking and sucking off Rick's big cock. When I went to my desk I have a message on my phone. Answering it I heard my husband's almost crying as he said: "You left without a

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A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 03

by adventurer

07/15/2016 13:00 in creampie

This is the third part of the story that I had started some time ago. I had written it, but then I thought it was a bit surreal for me, so I just let it sit for a long time. Then, after reading Karenkay's brilliant "White Slaves of Eban" stories that she is currently publishing, I have changed my mi

jewelry bracelet designs cuckold seduced

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