Cheating stories

Her Itch

by adventurer

08/24/2016 03:01 in humiliation

An odd little story about pride and prejudice. Please don't take it too serious. Sorry not much sex, but some violence. You have Vickie to thank once again for fixing my mistakes. ***** My wife Shantel was at the bar, perusing what was on offer in the way of male companionship. We were in La Pera, a

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Sub Husband Gets Her Ready

by Pami

08/13/2016 11:54 in creampie

"Mmmm, you like that?" asked Sandra as she lay across me on the bad, her hand playing with my cock. "Yes," I said quietly. "Mmm, I know you do. I can feel you getting hard." Said Sandra. "You love it when I take charge don't you?" "Yes, I love it..." I said, feeling a wave of pleasure as she continu

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I Chauffeured My Wife and Her Lover

by adventurer

07/26/2016 02:44 in creampie

From the dark corner of the bar, I watched as my wife, Sarah, was chatted up by a strange man. They sat close together in the booth, and Sarah was clearly enjoying his attentions, laughing at his jokes, and frequently putting her hand on his when she did so. Once every few minutes or so, she shot a

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Grace Cuckolds Her Husband

by Ajax

07/14/2016 05:30 in domination

With Tom driving his 10" spike into his horny step-mother's willing twat on a daily basis, we realized that we were at risk of getting caught by his father. We therefore contrived a plan to make my husband John our cuckold. The idea was actually proposed to us by John's ex-wife, and Tom's birth moth

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Reading Her e-Male Ch. 02

by Goose

06/25/2016 11:57 in creampie

"Oh my god," Stephanie sighed, as slid her fingers in and out of her swollen pussy, "that feels so-o-o-o fucking GOOD." Stephanie sat back in the office chair, naked, with her feet resting on the seat so her legs and knees splayed like a butterfly. Her hand was covering her ginger mound, with her in

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Paula Names Her Dildo

by Goose

06/10/2016 23:58 in domination

Scott and I moved into the neighborhood six years ago beside Linda and her husband Bill. We immediately became friends with them and the couple who lived on the other side of us...Steve and Jenny. Linda came home early from work one day about six months ago and caught Bill fucking Jenny. She divorce

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