Cheating stories

A Night Away from Home

by Goose

08/17/2016 16:07 in humiliation

My name is John; I am 35 years old, well built, have been married for 5 years, have 1 kid and live in Nottingham. My wife Jane is 30, a beautiful petite. I am a consultant and my work requires me to travel a lot and with lots of travel there are always lots of interesting encounters. This is one of

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A Cream Pie From Cynthia

by Goose

08/17/2016 03:40 in blowjob

Cynthia slipped out of her slinky black dress and stood in front of me in her lingerie in our bedroom. "'I'm all yours, honey" she smiled. "Tonight I had sex with a man I met at the club, and I brought home a surprise for you, my love." She said with a wink. My dick was very hard and got harder stil

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A Little Help from a Friend Ch. 05

by Pami

06/29/2016 07:10 in creampie

It had been almost a month since Claire's tubes had been tied. She agreed to fuck the Doctor in lieu of payment. Although four times was the agreed upon terms, three was her post-op check up, four was a follow-up the Friday after that and since then she has been stopping as a late appointment patien

boyfriend cheating on you little help from friend

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