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Grace Cuckolds Her Husband

by Ajax

07/14/2016 12:30 in domination

With Tom driving his 10" spike into his horny step-mother's willing twat on a daily basis, we realized that we were at risk of getting caught by his father. We therefore contrived a plan to make my husband John our cuckold. The idea was actually proposed to us by John's ex-wife, and Tom's birth mother. She was visiting her children one day while John was on business travel, as she occasionally did. On such trips she would always glare at me, seeing me dressed in my skimpy clothes, evidently jealous and resentful of my now having her exes attentions. On this occasion of her visit Tom and I were alone and he had me dressed in a sexy nightie and I was sucking his cock when the doorbell rang.

Letting in his mother he sat beside me on the couch. She glared at the sluttiness of the outfit that I dared to wear before her son. She made a comment to this effect, saying that she expected better from the wife of her ex-husband and new step-mother to her children. At this Tom laughed and pulling me in tightly to him placed on hand on a bare leg and the other over my left breast. He explained that his father barely ever had sex with me and that therefore he had assumed the role, and now I was a sex toy for him to use as he pleased. I was horrified by this statement, thinking she would promptly reveal this fact to her ex.

But she just smiled and said "I am so happy for you Tom! That son-of-a-bitch deserves to have someone else fucking his trophy wife. John always was a limp dicked loser. I assume he doesn't know?" She inquired. Tom nodded. "Too bad I can't watch the bastard squirm with the humiliation of knowing his own son if fucking his own wife!" She added, and with this let out a long laugh. She obviously hated my husband and sought to see him embarrassed and degraded as much as possible. "Hey," she said, "have you ever considered making John a cuckold?" I said that I did not understand and asked for her to explain. "You know." She explained. "A man who knows that his wife is fucking around and is OK with it. Even watches."

She further explained that if Tom and I could make a cuckold of John then we would not have to keep our love affair private but rather flaunt it directly before John. This would humiliate him deeply, and this would be to the great satisfaction of his ex. We asked how we might go about achieving this. She said that while she was with John that he even then had a hard time getting it up, and that to do so, that she would act out a fantasy that excited him. He liked the idea of his wife being with another man, and so she would rub herself pretending that another man was having sex with her while John rubbed his own dick until it got hard. Then they would have, as she described, brief, pathetic and disappointing sex. She said that his lack of passion and energy was one of the main reasons that she left him. She went on to explain that I should do the same, and then figure out how to get Tom involved in the role play. With some tact and luck, John would be asking us to have sex before him. She said she would support us in this activity in any way she could, and that all she asked in return was that we told her every detail of John's humiliation and degradation. We all agreed and conspired to make a detailed plan.

Days later, laying with John in our bed, I commented that I wanted to help make him get hard and get off more often so that he would get the sexually satisfaction every wife should provide her husband. He confessed that he found it hard to get excited. I suggested that we rub his cock together and he tell me of a fantasy that got him excited. Rubbing his limp dick I asked him what sort of ideas did he like to fantasize about. I eventually got out of him that he liked to imagine me with other men. I said that this was quite fine to think about as a fantasy. I explained that as an ex-nun and his loyal wife that of course I would never be willing to do such a thing, even if he asked me to, but that we could certainly have some fun fantasizing about it, if this helped make him get hard. So I pretended to be with another man, moaning and sighing, fingering myself as he watched. This did seem to get him harder, but never rigid. But eventually he was able to make himself cum. He liked this, and so over the never few days we repeated this role playing, each time John getting semi-rigid and jerking himself off.

Then I decided to up the ante a bit. Laying in bed beside John in a teddy, I moaned and told him that I was imagining someone else fucking me as he lay beside me, playing with his small limp dick. Per our pre-arrangement, Tom entered the room, pretending that he was surprised by what he saw. "Oops, sorry! What the heck is going on here, mom talking about sleeping with another man?" He inquired.

John threw a cover over himself and I covered myself with a pillow. "Oh Tom," I explained "Please try to understand. These are just adult games, to try and help your father get excited. He is getting older and, you know, it takes longer for a man to get excited at his age. So we role play a fantasy of me being touched by another man. You know, an innocent little fantasy to help him along."

Playing the sensitive and caring son, Tom supported us. "So sorry, mom and dad. Dad, I didn't know, I read about this is school, I am sorry to not have been more understanding or thoughtful. Please, if there is anything I can do to help, you know, buy you some toys, or get some fresh oysters, anything at all, please let me know."

He just stood there for a while and we both prayed that his father would bite. After a while, a miracle happened and John did! John said "Well thank-you son for understanding, this is most appreciated, as you see the situation I am in as on older man. This is all very embarrassing for me. The truth is, listening to your mother pretend to be with another man does excite me, but what I really need is to see her with another man. Now I know that she is your step-mom and so there are no sexual feelings between you, so I know that I can trust you completely on this. If you are willing, if you don't find it too odd, perhaps you could stand behind your mother and hold her a bit while she tells me of the fantasies. You know, so it looks like she is with a man."

"Wellllll," Tom said hesitantly, "I suppose I could dad, if it is also OK with you mom."

"It is a bit odd." I confessed. "But if it will bring pleasure to your father then I am willing to do what needs to be done to support him."

With that, I uncovered myself and standing, positioned myself before Tom, so that he towered behind me. "OK," John said, "Tom, just put your hand around your mother's waist. Grace, just pretend play for me please." With this Tom cautiously placed one hand around my waist and the other on my shoulder. With this I again began to play my fantasy chat while John rubbed his dick under the blanket and watched.

"Oh Mr. Smith, please squeeze my tits hard, and push your hard cock against my ass." I teased. "My husband is away and I need a hard cock in my pussy fucking me tonight." I played along in this fashion while I watch John stroking himself, trying to get hard and get off.

"Yes, yes." He would say. "I love it, God yes. Tom, son, please, put a hand over your mother's breast, please son, for me."

"If you insist dad, but it is weird." Tom said, and hesitantly placed one of his big masculine hands over my boob.

John began to pump more furiously. "You have probably never noticed Tom, but your mother actually has very large breasts. I bet lots of men in the neighbourhood would love to play with them." John said.

"Yes, they do feel a bit big I suppose." Tom added. "I never noticed, but now that you mention it they do seem quite large."

I continued with my story. "Oh, Mr. Smith, squeeze my tits hard, I want to suck your hard cock so bad!"

"Do as your mother said Tom, act out a little for me, please." John begged. "Grab both her boobs with your hands and play with them!"

"If you insist dad." Tom noted, and in so saying clutched both of my breasts in his hands and began to massage and squeeze them through the material of my teddy.

"Oh yes Mr Smith, squeeze them hard, please Mr Smith bend me over and fuck me, bend me over and fuck me hard!" I moaned.

"Oh God yes!" John yelled "This is fantastic. I'm going to cum, yes, yes, I'm cumming, yes!"

With this John's motions ceased and returning beside him we all looked at each other embarrassingly.

Tom said "Well, that was certainly strange, but I am glad I could help dad if that is what it takes."

"Yes Tom." John stressed "Yes that was perfect, please continue to help us with this role playing. If you are willing, this is what I need and is great for me."

With this, each day, we continued our role-playing, and John was delighted that, while he never got hard, he at least now was getting sexual gratification on a daily basis.

As the days went by, the intensity of our play had to ever increase to continue to get John off. At first satisfied with watching another man place his hands over my boobs, soon John was ordering me to lower my top and expose my breasts to my step-son. And then he ordered Tom to grab them firmly and to squeeze them roughly as he watched. John would tell me a few days later to rub Tom's cock through his trousers, and for Tom to rub my ass and bush through my panties. On one occasion John had me play a stripper and I had to do a full striptease for my client Tom. Gyrating before them both completely naked, John told me to provide Tom a lap dance, and Tom fondled my breasts and rubbed my legs, ass, bush and bare pussy while I melted all over his body. Watching me felt up in this manner made John get very excited and he came hard.

Soon my husband became used to my being naked with his son, and watching his son suck my breasts and finger fuck my pussy, while I convulsed and begged Mr. Smith to fuck me harder. One day, while Tom stood behind me, fondling my breasts, and while I was rubbing his dick through his pants, John said "Grace, I need more to get off, pull Tom's dick from his pants." I protested, saying that this would be unnatural, but John said "I insist, Grace, I need this, do it now, please." With this is unzipped Tom's pants, and lowered them along with his underwear, with my back turned to John blocking his view. When I stood Tom as well as myself was fully naked and his massive dick was held tightly in my little hand.

"It is too big!" I further protested and John concurred that his son was in fact full endowed. He ordered me to stroke his sons cock and squeeze his balls tightly as John watched. I did as I was told, winking at Tom, pretending that I was unfamiliar with this cock that in fact I knew so very well. Tom said that it was very odd having his innocent step-mother rub his penis, but his father insisted.

"Please son, I need this, do this for me, this is getting me very hard. Just pretend she is someone else Tom. Pretend she is some dumb big titted bitch you picked up at a bar. Call her a slut and tell her to jerk you off." At this we both turned at looked at John, pretending to be shocked and surprised. "Do it Tom, pretend she is some skank you picked up and treat her like she is."

Winking up at Tom again, I pumped feverishly on his dick while he said "Oh yes, stroke that dick you cock hungry slut."

At this I replied "Oh yes Mr. Smith, what a big beautiful cock you have, I am your cock hungry married slut and I want you to fuck me with it good and hard while I husband is away."

John was visibly getting very excited and then told me to jerk Tom off on my tits and to make sure he had a good view to watch. As Tom told me what a slut I was, and as I told him how much I wanted his big cock, John rubbed his semi-rigid dick. When I sensed that Tom was ready to cum I pointed his dick at my tits and rubbed ever harder, squeezing his balls tightly in my hand. "God you are such a fucking whore!" Tom yelled out and with that began to pulse loads of cum over my tits. Enjoying the streams of semen squirting onto me I also pointed his dick briefly at my face, pretending it was a mistake, so I got a nice big gob of cum over my nose and cheek that ran down toward my mouth.

John had me then kneel beside him so he could see my cum covered body as he attempted to finish jerking himself off. Admiring the cum on my tits he said he really loved seeing it on my face, and said after this he wanted me to start sucking off Tom and having him cum on my face and in my mouth. In uttering these words John himself came hard over my boobs.

True to his word, the next day, after having Tom strip me naked, finger fuck me, and ordering me to stroke Tom's cock, John said "OK Grace, do as I said, suck that dick until he cums in your face." I told him that I simply couldn't, as it would be too crude for me to suck my step-son's cock, and that besides, it was much too wide for me to fit into my mouth. But John was insistent and I slowly began to take Tom's dick into my mouth. Soon I was sucking him with the enthusiasm and skill I possessed as an accomplished cock sucker. John commented that he had no idea that I could suck a cock so deep. "She is really good dad." Tom replied "You really taught her to do a great job at it!"

"I guess I did better than I had known." John responded, and stroked himself wildly watching the show. Again, Tom took to calling me a skank, a slut and a whore. "Blow your load in the bitches mouth son, push her head onto your dick and make her swallow it like a slut!" John commanded. This was the first time my husband ever referred to me by these words and it was quite a surprise for me! Tom started face fucking me hard as John stared in fascination.

When Tom was ready to cum he thrust my mouth down hard over his dick and yelled "Fuck, I'm cumming in the cheap slut's mouth!" With that I felt pulses of his goo filling my throat.

"Don't swallow it you cum sucking whore." John yelled out. "Keep it in your mouth and show us." He commanded. So when Tom extracted his cock from my face I let the cum rest on my tongue and fill my cheeks, and opened my mouth wide so Tom and John could inspect my mouth filled with semen. John ordered me to stand beside him as he stood stroking his dick, and he peered deep into my mouth. "God, look at you with a mouth full of cum." He exclaimed. "What a slut you have become. My wife, the big titted cock hungry cum gulping whore, so fucking sexy, what a perfect little slut wife I have now. Press those tits together bitch and spit the cum over them."

I obeyed his command, and then protested "John, I am not a slut. You are making me do all this. I never even tasted semen before this. Please don't think I want this and am a slut. Please John."

"Oh, it's just a game Grace", John explained, "I know that you are the same naïve and innocent nun that I married, but it turns me on to think of you in this way. Please indulge my fantasies. Now slut, get on your knees and lick that cum off of your tits and swallow it all down for me!" With this order I lifted my large breasts to my face and began to lick them clean of Tom's spilt cum. When completed, I let my tits drop back down and stared up at my husband. "Christ what a sexy big titted slut wife you are." John gasped. "A cum swallowing cock hungry slut aren't you Grace? Tell me that you are a cum swallowing cock hungry slut wife Grace." I looked up at him shyly, shaking my head slightly indicating that I did not feel comfortable saying such worlds. "Indulge my fantasies Grace, say it please, now."

"John, I have to confess to you. Your wife has become a cum swallowing cock hungry slut. I am a whore John, and I live to suck on big hard juicy cocks." There. I said it. I admitted to John the truth. My conscience seemed to immediately clear! I told John I was a slut, and sucked his son's cock in front of him and he didn't mind. I no longer felt as a slut. I now felt as a woman who simply had the freedom to suck and fuck any cock she so choose. And it was all an acceptable fantasy to John. "Fuck you turn me on like Crazy Grace." John cried as he climaxed. His dick never got more than semi-rigid in his hand, too flaccid to fuck me with, but he was able to cum now, and this must have been a great relief for him. He shot his load onto my tits, staring down with a look of great satisfaction. "Lick it up Grace, eat up another face full of cum off your big fat titties, my little cock crazy wife!"

After this, John would have me perform oral sex on his son every day, often multiple times a day. Sometimes he stroked himself, but often he just watched. He just liked being turned on by the idea of my being a slut. He would watch in fascination as I swallowed down Tom's huge cock, and get turned on by Tom shooting his load into my mouth, over my face, onto my boobs, over my ass and stomach, and onto my pussy and bush. If John was stroking himself as he watched, after Tom came on me John would stroll over and shoot his load over me as well. He told Tom to make me suck his cock whenever he wanted, as John liked the idea of just walking into a room and finding his wife on her knees sucking off a man. He said that it improved his fantasy of my being a cock hungry slut.

So after that I would walk around the house in heels and a little teddy without panties and Tom would grope my tits or finger fuck my pussy any time he wanted. Sometimes John would walk into a room to find me naked leaning against Tom on a sofa, stroking Tom's big dick with one hand while fingering myself with the other, while Tom crushed and squeezed my breasts. Or while we sat around all watching TV Tom would push me to the floor before him and pulling out his dick thrust it into my mouth, me sucking on his meat while the two of them finished watching their ball game. Once when John got out of the on-suite, he found his son kneeling over his wife who was lying naked on the bed, teasing her by slapping his dick over her face as she greedily tried to capture it in her lips. My fingers were thrust into my pussy while Tom lifted my tits from my chest by pinching my nipples and pulling them high upward, enjoying watching them spring back and shake on releasing my nipple. I loved my tits being pulled at hard in this way. John went over to the dresser and returned with a dildo I had and handing it to me, told me to shove that into myself. Fucking myself with the dildo, both men watched as they stroked themselves. Tom shot his load into my mouth, filling my throat half way up. I then stared up at my husband with my mouth open until he also came in my mouth, filling my mouth with cum up to my lips. "Swallow it all down Grace." John said "Show me what a cum loving slut my wife has become. Tell me that you love it."

Swallowing their combined loads, I continued to dildo fuck my twat and made myself cum when I yelled out "John, your wife is a cum swallowing slut. I love a cock in my mouth. I need lots of cock and cum every day!"

Another time I was playing with Tom's cock as John watched and I said "Mr. Smith, fuck my face with your big dick."

John said "Enough of this Mr. Smith. You are sucking Tom's cock. You are a slut wife sucking off your step-son. Admit it. Admit it and beg to suck your step-son's dick. Beg for his dick and then suck your son's cock like the slut mother that you have become."

Obeying my husband I said "Tom, please let your mother suck your dick. Please use her mouth like you would a common whore. Make your mother into your cock sucking slut, please Tom." This really drove John crazy and he began pumping his tiny dick frantically as his son forced his wife's head over his dick.

And then finally the moment came that I was praying for. Sitting on the couch beside my husband kneeling forward and sucking Tom's cock with his father watching only a foot away, John said "OK, I need more today to get off, this isn't enough. Grace, lean back and raise up your hips. Tom, kneel on the floor before your mother, my slut wife." With my legs spread wide and my pussy presented to the view of Tom like a birthday gift, I asked if he wanted to see Tom cum on my pussy. "No Grace, I want to see Tom fuck your pussy."
I protested deeply. "No John, never. This is all just a game. But if we have intercourse, then it will all be real. I promised to be your wife, and faithfully to only ever have intercourse with you. If you make me do this, then you will be turning me into a slut." I feigned my best tear and pretended to be truly upset, showing him what a good loyal wife I am.

But my words fell deafly on John's lust infatuated ears, and he insisted. "Not only will you fuck him, but you will ask him to fuck you. Grace, tell your son to fuck you, now!"

"But it is much too big John, I can't take it into me. Please don't make me a slut John!" I resisted.

"Now Grace." John ordered. "Tell my son that you are his slut and beg him to fuck your horny cunt. Now!"

Yielding to his demand I cried out "Tom, lover, fuck me, fuck your slut, fuck her cunt hard. Use me as a whore. Fuck your mother and turn her into a true slut!"

This definitely turned John on big time, and he watched as Tom slowly forced his dick into me, pretending that I was still too tight for him. "Oh God," I screamed "It is too fucking big Tom, slower, not so fast, you are killing me!" He slowly worked himself into me and then began to slide himself in and out rhythmically. John watched as his son's cock went in and out of his wife's cunt. His cock was actually getting hard in his hand.

"Tell him to keep fucking you Grace. Tell him you are a slut now, his slut now. Tell him how much you enjoy a cock in your cunt. Tell him that you have been dying for a good fucking. Tell him that you are his to fuck anytime he wants now."

Again I protested and said that it all wasn't true, but John insisted that I fulfill his fantasies and do as told. So I said aloud "Tom, fuck your mother's cunt, harder, deeper. I need you to fuck me every day Tom. I love your big long fat dick Tom and your mother needs to suck it and be fucked by it every day. You are my Master and I am your slut. Don't think of me as your mother any more. Think of me as your well trained personal whore. Shove your dick into me whenever you want. Fuck me in front of your father, let him see what a willing slut I am to your fabulous powerful giant cock."

There, I said it. The truth was completely out. I confessed to John that I was his son's bitch and that I wanted him to fuck me daily. We had John where we wanted. He was a cuckold husband. After that Tom would fuck me freely, sometimes with his father in the room, sometimes with his father entering the room where we were fucking to be surprised and excited by it. One time John and I laid in bed getting ready to go to sleep for the night and Tom strolled in naked, takes down the covers, raises my nightie, pulls off my panties, spreads my legs, lays on top of me beside his father, and promptly without a word drives his cock deep into me. I let out a deep moan and start pulsating my hips as Tom's long dick rammed roughly into my twat. Tom looks at me and says "Beg for it slut."

John adds "Yes, yes, beg for it slut!"

"Fuck me Tom." I began to scream out, lifting my legs high in the air. "Fuck my cunt Tom, ram that fabulous cock that I adore so much into my hole. Use your slut hard. Don't stop fucking me Tom, don't stop fucking me!"

Another time as John and I sat watching TV my cell rang. After answering I got up and started to walk away. "Who called?" John inquired. "Where are you going?"

"It was your son." I answered. "I have to go fuck his cock now."

A few minutes later when John came upstairs and entered his son's room, he found me straddled on top of his son, pumping up and down furiously on his projected long shaft. Tom was squeezing my tits together firmly as I raised my ass up and down rhythmically. "Fuck I love your big tits bitch, now fuck that cock harder and faster you fucking slut!" Tom yelled out. John pulled out his pathetic pecker and started stroking it as he watched me fuck his son until he came deep in my pussy.

A few weeks later, after it was obvious that I was now Tom's regular fuck toy, laying in bed with John he said "Grace, I love the fantasy of you being a slut and fucking my son. But now even this fantasy is getting a bit boring to me. I think we need to take it up a notch further." Inquiring as to what he could possibly mean he continued "Well, I like the thought of you being a slut and fucking other men's dicks. But you are only fucking one other dick. I want to see you fucking other men's cocks as well."

I acted surprised and shocked. I asked if he wanted to truly make a slut out of me and wasn't it bad enough I was already being an unfaithful wife by having sex with another man, and how low I would be if I fucked others. I also inquired how he could watch such a thing, as the other men would surely not be as co-operative as his son in letting him be in the same room while they had sex with me. John had all the answers, having thought this through carefully.

He said he had already made the call to have secret cameras installed in the house. He would watch from the bedroom as men fucked me. He said that he wanted to invite over friends and associates, and then he would pretend to be dead tired and have to go to bed. That would be my cue to seduce the friend. Or even friends he said. He explained that he wanted to watch multiple guys fucking me at once. Again I feigned being shocked by such a suggestion, but John insisted, saying that this is what he needed, that he understood that I wasn't a slut, but that he needed me to behave as one for him to get his rocks off. I hummed and sighed and eventually agreed, saying that it was against my true wishes and that I had no desire to be a slut or sleep around on my husband, but that I would do so if it was really what he needed me to do.

After that, life became much more exciting and fun! First John invited over his business partner of over 30 years. This man was close to my husband's age, a bit chubby, but good looking. John said he noticed how Bob, his partner, stared at me when he thought neither of us was looking. He wanted me to try to seduce his friend. So having drinks and sitting in the living room together John excused himself, saying he was exhausted from the day and had to hit the sack. I insisted that Bob stay and have a few more drinks with me. When John had left I knew that he was now in the room, had turned on the cameras he had placed in the living room, and was watching us while he stroked his limp lame pecker.

I had on an evening dress that came down to above my knees and laying back on the couch asked if Bob would be so kind as to give me a foot massage. Taking the foot cream from the stand he proceeded cautiously, rubbing my feet, but trying not to make it sexual. But I pulled my dress up a bit so it was now only half way down my thighs, and I asked Bob to rub my calves also. As he rubbed my calves, more sensually than he had rubbed my feet, I pulled my dress completely up over my hips, revealing my bare legs and black lace panties to him. He stared and gawked like a teenage boy! Spreading my legs I pointed at my knee and said "Rub me here." Then pointing at my inner thigh said "And here." As he rubbed his hands over my legs I pointed to my panty covered pussy and said "And here please Bob." With that he grasped my panties, pulled them off, and leaning forward finger fucked my pussy with one hand while rubbing my clit with the other."

"God I always wanted this cunt of yours Grace since I first time I saw you." Bob confessed.

"I always wanted to give it to you Bob. Eat my pussy Bob. Bite my clit and tongue fuck my hole." I begged.

As he munched away greedily on my twat I moaned and twisted, knowing John was getting himself off watching his friend eat out his wife. "Bob, fuck me please, fuck me." I begged again. With this Bob got up and pulled off his pants. His dick was no larger than my husbands, but at least he could get it up. Spreading my legs Bob mounted me and entered me. I let him enjoy his dick in me and then offered to strip for him so he could play with my tits and to bend over the couch so he could fuck me from behind. He eagerly accepted the offer and groping my hanging boobs fucked me hard from behind. I let him fuck me in lots of different positions to offer John a good view of his wife being fucked.

Later that night after Bob went home John told me that he came hard watching his best friend fuck his wife and that he wanted much more of this. After that he had me fuck pretty much every man in his office, as well as the local butcher, mail man, appliance repair guys, the boy who cuts our lawn, as well as pretty much every neighbour up and down both sides of our street. I was truly the town slut now. He would invite over 2 or 3 people at a time from his office, or a few of the neighbours for drinks. Then going to be early he would watch as I fucked them all at the same time. He said he particularly got himself off when he watched one guy pounding me hard from behind as I sucked off 2 others, while they groped and yanked at my hanging tits.

John also told me that after I fucked a guy with him watching, and if I was later to meet that guy, that I was to fuck him if he wanted it, but that I had to tell John about it later. So that truly made me the town slut! Visiting a neighbour to drop off an item for their wife, I would soon be laying with my legs spread wide on their marriage bed, or bent over a baby seat having somebody's husband drive their cock hard into my ass. Going to pick up my mail from the local post office, the clerk would put up the ^closed, out for lunch^ sign and bringing me back to the mail sorting area he and his 2 friends would quickly have me undressed and on my knees, sucking and stroking their cocks like a common skank whore. On returning home I would tell John of all the men who had fucked me through the day. I of course also told John's ex about my escapades, and she was delighted that her husband had become such a pathetic grovelling cuckold.

Going to our local Catholic church one Sunday, as the good wholesome ex-nun that I am, I realized that I recognized almost every man sitting there. Nicely dressed men, sitting with their wives and children, prim and proper. And I had fucked pretty much every one of them. As I walked down the aisle to take my seat I made eye contact with each, and smiled at their wives. Pretty ladies, most. Who all had no idea that I knew the feel of their husband's cock in my hands, mouth, cunt and in some cases ass, as well as they did.

In confession I told the priest, a middle aged and good looking man, that I had fucked 10 cocks the week before, and sucked off at least a dozen more, while I had let 3 men fuck me in the ass. He told me that he had heard rumors to this effect and that he had thought as an ex-nun I would be a more faithful wife. I then told him that ever since I was a little girl that I had a deep fantasy of sucking on a priest's cock and having him fuck me. I opened my blouse so that he could see my bare tits through the screen. I spread my legs and revealed my pantyless crotch. Sticking a finger into my pussy I fingered myself in front of him. I whispered "Come over to my house at 2 tomorrow for a friendly visit while my husband is having his afternoon nap, and show this nun how good of a fuck a priest can be." I then shoved my cunt juice covered finger through the screen and said "Here is a sampling of what's in store for you." A few moments went by as my priest considered this proposition. Then taking my finger into his mouth he sucked it clean and whispered back "See you at 2."

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