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Dominated in Brazil Ch. 03

by Ajax

08/20/2016 13:14 in domination

Carlos was a very handsome guy, I couldn't help but remark to myself. I had noticed it from the first day I saw him of course, but now I took a step back to admire him while he was soaping off in the shower. I could see him behind the glass door but he didn't mind, he even chuckled and gave me a little show. He knew I was hot for his ripped body and handsome face. He was seemingly mostly of Italian background, like many Brazilians.

I guess you could compare him to a young Marlon Brando, handsome in a very masculine way, but much darker-toned because of his Italian and Brazilian background plus spending all day at the beach. The water cascaded and light glistened off his broad ripped shoulders and back as I admired. He could have posed for any number of fitness magazines, every muscle perfectly defined, and full of vitality.

I admired for a moment the rock-hard muscles of his lower back, glutes, and powerful legs. I knew the athleticism he was capable of; I had only just watched him fuck the daylights out of my girlfriend; I had watched his muscular ass flex and move as he pounded in her, his powerful bronzed thighs and full hamstrings expand and contract as he moved into her, taking her over. She was still lounging in the other room while Carlos took a shower and I had come into the bathroom to pour some water over my face. Pretty soon Jenny walked into the bathroom, smiled at me, and proceeded to walk into the shower.

That night went on as you'd expect, I watched them fuck again in the shower and saw Jenny come while he held her suspended in his muscular arms. I loved watching his sculpted back and ass move as he pinned her in the air to the shower wall and the drops of water flowed down his tanned, toned body. I watched them fuck later against the wall in the bedroom and back on the bed, she lay on her back legs up in the air while he stood at the edge of the bed and really gave it to her, grabbing her wrists and making her moan. It was hot and I jacked off watching this stud plowing into Jenny and came at the same time that she was moaning. The night went pretty much like that.

We didn't see Carlos again for another few days, but here we were on a Friday night preparing to go out again to see him. He had invited us to one of his MMA competitions and we were both excited to see the show. There were going to be quite a few fighters displayed tonight but Carlos' fight was one of the featured events apparently. This wasn't a big famous venue or anything, Carlos was not a pro yet and still just at amateur level and starting out, but from what I'd gathered he seemed to be a rising star and was so far undefeated.

We were in a taxi soon after that heading to the arena. The crowd was pretty rowdy. We had seats near the front and a good view of all the fighters. Jenny was getting really into it, enjoying the show. There was a lightweight and a featherweight fight, they put on a good show. Finally it was Carlos' turn...this was his fifth big fight. He had won all his previous ones, including informal matches. I think both Jenny and I got goosebumps watching him come on stage. His physique was just so well-proportioned and his muscles stood out with a beautiful glow. He was wearing black and white boxer-brief type shorts. His torso formed a perfect V-shape, and his muscled waist contrasted with the white fabric of the shorts; his deep tan shone against it. I got a hardon as he winked at us and as I saw his strong muscular calves and bare feet on the fighting ring floor. His opponent was a pretty big guy. Had more bulk than definition, and not as nicely proportioned or defined a physique. He had a brutish face, kind of ugly, but threatening and came off as arrogant. I guess you have to in order to win fights like that. His record wasn't as spotless as Carlos' but he had more experience and he had won plenty of fights. We were feeling a lot of anticipation.

We shouldn't have. It was a washout, Carlos utterly dominated and crushed him in the fight. The fight was over in two rounds, but could have been much sooner. It never went to the ground, instead, Carlos used masterful combinations of striking to keep his opponent totally confused and off-balance. Jenny was cheering wildly, I'd never seen her this way. In the middle of the first round it dawned on me...I looked at her tits and noticed they were hard. She was getting off on this. She was getting off watching Carlos' tight, muscular body move and inflict major damage on his opponent; getting turned on by the violence, by watching Carlos' tanned, muscular sweaty physique twist and turn while delivering crushing blows to his opponent's face and body. And I have to admit, this display of domination and athleticism was giving me a familiar half-hardon as well.

The fight was over at the beginning of the second round, as Carlos knocked out his opponent with an uppercut. The guy fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes and Carlos stood over his vanquished opponent. I watched his back muscles expand and contract as he breathed, his fist still clenched, while his opponent was collapsed into a pile at his strong feet. I looked again at the muscles and sinews in his calves and Achilles' heel. The crowd was cheering wildly, and most of all among them Jenny was screeching. I thought it was a familiar sound.

We looked at each other and she was flushed. We embraced each other and cheered on Carlos as he raised his arms up in the air. Then we cheered again as the judge raised his hand in the victor's pose. Carlos' body looked magnificent, the sweat gleaming and making his physique model's muscles stand out as the crowd applauded. He looked like an ancient gladiator. His arm was raised, revealing his muscled armpit and cut serratus. His opponent was still a bloody mess.

After Carlos got off the stage there was a small crowd around him to celebrate and congratulate him. We approached him and he gave me a fist bump and a pat on the shoulder...Jenny was ecstatic and he gave her a big hug. Then he turned back to his friends and continued the partying that would surely go on for the rest of the night. Jenny and I had a reservation at a restaurant so we left, but the image of his sculpted body, still covered with sweat as a result of vanquishing his opponent, was still seared into my mind, as he hugged Jenny. He had gotten some of his sweat on her but I didn't think she minded. That night, after dinner, we had an especially intense fuck. I could still smell him on her, and she knew it. She bit my lower lip and teased me as I pounded into her.

A couple of nights later Jenny and I were on the couch in front of the TV making out again and we both got the idea to invite Carlos over. Jenny was quite excited. She decided to take a bath to freshen up. After she was done, I walked up behind Jenny while she was toweling off, grabbed her from behind and kissed her shoulder. She moaned back and rubbed her tight ass against me,

"Hmmm ...someone is excited," she cooed. "Are you looking forward to tonight?"

I smiled back and kissed the back of her neck and she moaned again. We had been fucking like crazy over the past few days. At first we didn't mention the night with Carlos but slowly the fantasy took over our lovemaking and we relived it again and again the last few nights. I pressed my hard dick against Jenny's shapely dancer's ass. Her long light brown dirty blond hair smelled great. Since meeting Carlos our sex sessions had intensified if that is possible, and we had become more intimate with each if we shared a secret.

"Are you..." she cooed back to me again and turned around and kissed me lightly but erotically, "are you looking forward to hanging out with Carlos again?" She smiled teasingly and we kissed again.

I loved feeling her warm, full sexy lips and tongue teasing my own. I just groaned and pressed forward, making a motion to remove her towel. Her hand lay lightly on my wrist stopping me,

" baby..." she said, "Let's wait." Her sultry green eyes sparkled at me, teasing and driving me crazy. She kissed me again. "Tonight will be so hot..." she said in between light kisses, "are you ready for it again?"

I groaned back at her and fondled her breasts, I loved feeling them. "Yeah baby," I answered...

"Are you ready to see big, bad Carlos again" she asked teasingly and lightly bit my lower lip. "Do you you think that..." She asked while teasing my tongue lightly with hers and I felt her tight dancer's body,

"What" I asked...

"Do you want a little taste again," she asked me, smiling cruelly but erotically while we kissed, "Did you like it?" she asked while we made out, "If you'll be a good boy again maybe big Carlos will give you a little treat..." Fuck! Her words were upsetting me in a way but also driving me wild while we kissed, "Would you like that baby?" she asked in her soft, erotic voice, "That would be so sexy..." She cooed at me and trailed off again while we kissed. "Don't be a bad boy or..." we kept kissing and she kept biting my lower lip and flicking my tongue with hers, "...or...I'll have Carlos kick your little white ass all over the room..." she said this smiling wickedly, teasing me.

I went for her, kissing her harder, and she grabbed my hard dick and smiled, "Oh that turns you on?" she chuckled. Then she pushed me away slightly, raised a finger in a "no" sign. "Wait...Tom...I promise you," she kissed me slightly again, " will be hotter."

I helped her towel off and we both got ready. I even helped her, applying a light sheen of coconut oil to her long, sexy tanned legs and body. It was pretty intense. She looked at me, slightly smiling, erotically, slightly smirking, while I spread the coconut oil over her legs and shapely ass and even lightly over her tight, shaved pussy. We knew who it was most likely who was going to be pounding that pussy for most of the night. Mostly I remember her erotic smile.

About twenty minutes later, Carlos stepped in wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. But he had the body type and could carry himself to make even that look great. Everything fit him well and the white t-shirt stood out against his bronzed skin, fitting around his rock-hard, broad shoulders and muscles. He had already had a couple of drinks and was in a good mood after his victory the other day. We greeted each other, bumped fists and he walked in. I got us some beers as Carlos headed straight for Jenny, who was wearing a sexy dark green short evening dress that showed off her lightly tanned breasts. They were already making out as I returned with the beers.

I was mesmerized again watching them together. I hadn't seen Carlos with my girlfriend since that night, and although this didn't surprise me, it really got me going to see my hot girlfriend caress his lips with hers and feel his arms, watching his strong jaw and handsome face next to her elegant, pretty face. Watching him kiss my girlfriend was for some reason even more intense now. Maybe it was the display of violence and dominance during his fight a couple of nights before. I had always been impressed with his physique but now I knew just what he was capable of.

He could have snapped me in half if he wanted. And watching him with Jenny seemed to hit me in a primal way. It was like he was a warrior claiming his prize. But I had willingly surrendered to him, he had defeated me just by his physique, handsome looks, and his dominant, threatening aura. I watched in fear and lust as Jenny lifted up the bottom of his t-shirt and exposed his magnificent, powerful body.

We both gasped as Jenny ran her hands up and down the mounds of muscle in his chest and his cut abs. She unbuckled his belt and without a word sank to her knees in front of him.

"You want to get fucked in front of your boyfriend again?" he asked.

Jenny looked up at him and nodded, smiling.

"Tell him," he said, curtly.

Jenny looked at me. She smiled teasingly, licked her lips and said, "Baby I'm going to fuck Carlos in front of you again...I think we should be nice to our guest...what do you think?"

I said nothing and just smiled and nodded back, dumbfounded, and turned on. Something fell on my face...Carlos had thrown his t-shirt on my face. When I took it off, noticing his manly scent mixed with cologne, Jenny was already drawing down his jeans. He stood up straight in front of her and cupped the back of her head as she dragged his jeans down his powerful, muscular thighs. Carlos kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans with a graceful movement as my loving girlfriend of two years tore at the waistband of his boxer briefs and ran her other hand up and down his shapely bronzed legs.

Carlos winked at me and now, just in his white boxer briefs, which contrasted against his deeply tanned skin, stood in front of Jenny and let her slowly drag down the waistband as she bit her lower lip. She had a look of sultry lust and anticipation in her eyes. Slowly the boxers came down revealing the magnificent girth of his virile cock; slowly they revealed his muscular, powerful ass. I almost came as I remembered how I had licked his sculpted, hairless ass as he had driven that thick dick again and again into my girlfriend, driving her to orgasm. I wasn't really prepared, however, for what he would do tonight.

It was incredibly hot to watch my girlfriend lower the waistband so slowly and reveal Carlos' cock: it was thick, a bronzed brown like the rest of his body and almost gleamed in the dim light of our apartment with a vitality and power. Carlos had both length and thickness so after some time, while we both gasped at his manhood, finally Jenny dragged the waistband past the tip and his cock sprang upward, audibly slapped his 8-pack abs and then came to rest on Jenny's forehead. The contrast between his thick, veined brown cock and Jenny's pretty face was amazing. As the boxers fell to Carlos' feet, he casually stepped out of them and kicked them toward me, then again gently grabbed the back of her head and let her rub his cock all over her face.

"Go ahead slut," he said, "show your boyfriend how you suck Brazilian dick."

And indeed Jenny immediately placed her hands behind her back at the small of her back and proceeded, with a smile to claim the head of Carlos' cock between her lips.

"Good girl," he encouraged her. This spurred her on. I could see she was already so turned on, a slight pink blush on her cheeks and upper chest, complementing her light tan, as she now lovingly ran her velvet-like lips over his strong dick. She looked so sexy with her long, silky dirty blond hair moving back and forth over his long, thick cock. With her hands behind her back Jenny worshiped Carlos in that position for maybe ten minutes. Mostly he was silent, but she moaned with a lust I had rarely if ever heard while she was sucking me off, and she smacked her lips loudly with a hunger as she blew him, slowly and sensuously.

She stopped at times to lick and suck his balls. Carlos slowly but rhythmically jacked his dick while she knelt before him and licked his balls, letting the base and lower shaft of his big dick tap her forehead dominantly on the downstroke as his cock came to rest there. I stood by entranced and watched my girlfriend worship this Brazilian stud. He looked ever more amazing, standing up straight, like a sculpted Greek statue in our living room.

Soon Carlos I think was primed and ready to fuck, so he bent over and literally picked Jenny up in the air. She squealed with delight and I admired the muscles in his torso, sides, and powerful glutes, hamstrings, thighs as he picked her up like a rag doll and put her over his shoulder. He carried her that way to our bedroom while she giggled. I followed close behind.

As soon as he got in our bedroom Carlos confidently sauntered over to our bed with Jenny around his shoulder and then manhandled and plopped her down on the bed while she giggled and laughed. He stood proudly in front of her, his magnificent muscular physique covered in a light sheen of sweat, his big, beautiful dick sticking out menacingly at a 45 degree angle toward her. We both stood in awe before him, as if he was a pagan sex god.

"Tell your boyfriend what you want," he said to her...

"Baby...I'm going to fuck Carlos now...we're going to fuck on our that OK?" she asked coyly, teasingly. I nodded.

"Tell him to ask me," he said.

"Tom...please..." she pursed her lips and smiled at me.

"Carlos...can...can you fuck Jenny?" I asked.

"Ask nicely," he said. The arrogance of this guy! But he deserved it...

"Please Carlos. Please fuck my girlfriend. Please fuck her and make her feel good," I begged him.

"Fuck me Carlos, please..." she quietly cooed as I was talking. Here we were, both begging this stud to fuck her, to fuck a girlfriend in front of her boyfriend on their own bed. The feeling must have been amazing for Carlos. I felt he deserved it though. He seemed familiar with this scene, as if he'd done it before. (I was indeed going to find out from a longer-term American expat who worked as a promoter in the MMA circuit that Carlos had fucked his French girlfriend when he had first arrived with her to Rio. It seemed he made a habit of conquering tourist girls.)

Carlos didn't waste any time. He stepped forward, grabbed Jenny's hips, pulled and slid her down the bed in a position he found comfortable as he got up on the bed on his knees. I watched his sculpted back and the armor-like mounds of muscle in his shoulders and traps as he looked down and aimed his big dick at Jenny's pussy. I was watching from behind but pretty soon I heard a gasp and moan and I knew he had penetrated her.

I watched, again, from behind, as he slowly worked his big cock into her. I heard her moans and gasps as his worked inch after thick inch into her. I knew I could have walked around to get a closer look but for the moment I was enjoying watching from behind, the contrast between her long, sleek elegant legs and his graceful, muscular body as Carlos once again claimed my girlfriend's tight pussy with his big dick. Finally he reached a depth where he was comfortable and I watched now as his back muscles expanded and contracted as he tore into her. Her yelps and shrieks of pleasure once again started to mount to a familiar crescendo.

I couldn't help but watch this primal scene as if I was hypnotized. And in fact, while watching his incredible display of athleticism as he fucked my girlfriend I couldn't help but think back to two nights ago, when he had his big fight. Suddenly images from that fight started to flash before me. Jenny's excited yelps during the fight as he reduced his opponent to a bloody mess, so much like the yelps she was making now, of pleasure, as he beat up that tight pink pussy.

His dynamic, powerful, graceful and violent moves in the ring, as he delivered blow after crushing blow to his opponent, defeating him, now so much like the sleek and graceful contractions of his back, arm, hip and leg muscles as he pummeled my girlfriend's pussy, driving her to moan in pleasure and by now, at least two orgasms already.

I could no longer take it, and I walked around to the side to take a closer look. The heat coming from my bed as Carlos fucked Jenny was amazing, and I could smell his scent, so manly and intoxicating, mixed with cologne and with hers as the bed rocked and slammed repeatedly into the wall. It was, again, like a Greek god on display fucking, his deeply bronzed muscular body contrasting with Jenny's lighter tan and beautiful, sleek feminine elegance, his brown cock plunging again and again in her tight pink pussy. I was hard as a rock but didn't touch myself, I wanted to make this last...although I was about ready to come without touching myself! Still, I held on.

Jenny held on to his upper back and lower neck and he slammed into her again and again. I was kneeling right beside her head. The ends of her hair were lightly grazing my dick rhythmically, as Carlos' thrusts moved her whole body back and forth, back and forth, his sweat dripping on her while she licked her lips and erupted in her third orgasm.
"Who fucks you the best," he grunted.

"Fuckkk...YOU DO!" Jenny immediately said through moans and sighs of pleasure, " fuck me the best...please Carlos keep fucking me...fuck me harder!..."

Carlos assented if that was possible and increased his pace. "Tell your boyfriend," he ordered.

"Fuckk...Tommmm...thank ...fuck" Jenny was trying communicate something through all the grimaces of passion, I think I understood. "Tomm...thank you...for...Carlos is fucking me baby...he's fucking me so..." another wave was building "He's fucking me so much better than you Tom...he's so much better!!"

I almost came without touching myself at this. Carlos was excited also by Jenny's words. He leaned in, grabbed the back of her head, looked her straight in her eyes and started to fuck her somewhat slower, changing pace, but more methodically, rhythmically. Again scenes of his violent and bloody victory two nights before raced through my mind, and images of his body moving rhythmically and gracefully, striking out his opponent. Here he was conquering a girl's pussy. An alpha male moving in, taking his prize, his manhood sexually canceling me out. They looked straight into each others' eyes and Jenny had an intense, wild gaze, I had never seen her like that. Suddenly a blush came over her cheeks and upper body. And her moans intensified.

"That's it...go ahead...come again while I take you in front of your pussy boyfriend!"

Jenny blew up at this, and, still looking Carlos in the eye while he fucked her hard, started to screech in a way I had never heard before. A monster orgasm crashed over her and then, even more incredibly, I stared dumbfounded, watching as Carlos raised up and back and Jenny squirted! She let out a small jet that wetted Carlos' dick and his lower abs. He stood on his knees majestically in front of her while she calmed down, his thick cock hovering over Jenny. Jenny shook and made incoherent sounds as she came down from the heights of what had probably been the strongest orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Carlos now waited while Jenny calmed down. He looked at me and winked. I smiled back.

"Tom come here," he ordered. I obeyed without question and eagerly got to my feet and approached him. "Look at that. Look at your girlfriend."

I did. She was still in post-orgasmic bliss, but was recovering...and was clawing at his abs...she wanted him again!

"Looks like she wants more." Jenny just nodded. "Do you want more?" She nodded again. "Tom go ahead...give your girlfriend more of what she needs."

I looked quizzically at him for a moment. But then I realized what he, and she, and all of us, wanted. The heat emanating from his ripped body was intense and my dick twitched as I grabbed the base of Carlos' much bigger, virile cock. My hand and arm accidentally rubbed against the sweat off his body, that he had developed in the exertions of athletically fucking into Jenny. I felt honored again to be a part of this. His cock was so thick, like a muscle full of vitality and strength. I looked expectantly at Carlos, hoping that he would let me do more. I was beyond being ashamed. I wanted to taste her off him again. I wanted to suck his dick, to submit to him and his manliness again, to submit to this warrior. He had different plans though.

"Just guide me into your girlfriend, pussyboy," he ordered. With a sigh, I did so. I knew I could never stand up to him. He did treat me like a wimp and a coward in front of her, but I guess compared to him I was. He had dominated me just with his body, aura, and presence, but we both knew that if I tried to stand up to him, he could reduce my body to nothing in minutes. And the fear and intimidation I had of him, added to my lust.

"Do what he says Tom..." Jenny cooed, smiling, but cruelly. "You don't want Carlos to hurt you..." she trailed off. He chuckled. It was a joke, but it really wasn't. Jenny too could see how intimidated I was in front of him, and it turned her on to see her boyfriend wilt in front of this superior fighter.

Slowly I worked his huge, thick dick back into Jenny, mesmerized by her moans, by the contrast between his virile brown cock and the feminine pink folds of her pussy, his strength and dominance that had in a way driven Jenny and me to a new level of intimacy. He made me feel feminine, weak with lust, and closer to her. Both Jenny and me felt the same around this tough, stud. As his cock bottomed out in her, my hand was still caught between their bodies. He slowly fucked into her through my hand as she lightly moaned in the most seductive way and looked at him, biting her lower lip. Then he casually pushed me out of the way, leaned over, and began his powerful, rhythmic fucking again!

Jenny was now lost in a rising series of moans and shrieks as Carlos started a new assault on her tight pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy...fuckkk...Carlos, take me, I'm yours!! FUCK ME HARDER!"

I had never seen Jenny like this but I wasn't complaining. I was now jerking off, stroking myself in time with Carlos' thrusts into my girlfriend. He was again slamming the headboard against the wall. The sounds in the room were the bed being slammed, their bodies slapping together, and Jenny's wild moans and words. The smell of sex and of Carlos was everywhere.

"Jenny is mine Tom," he curtly declared.

"Yes!! Fuck me Carlos!! Take me! Take my white pussy! I'm yours...cum inside me...knock me up in front of my boyfriend!" I watched Carlos piledrive his veined, virile brown dick again and again into her. I was amazed again by the contrast between his muscular, powerful bronzed body and Jenny's athletic but feminine and dainty frame, she looked so small compared to him, taken over by a barbarian. The deep masculine grunts that came out of his chest were so different from her high pitched squeals of delight and the depraved, cruel things she was saying in a thin, seductive voice.

He was determined now. Jenny was building up to another orgasm. I grabbed her hand that she had kept for leverage on Carlos' powerful shoulder. She looked at me with love, intimacy, and lust. Carlos had done this to her. "He's...he's going to come inside my pussy you want you want Carlos to come inside your knock me up?"

"Yes," I answered without thinking. "Please Carlos...please come inside Jenny!"

"Fuck...I'm gonna come in your girlfriend's pussy!" Again the contrast between his deep, manly sexy voice and Jenny's...and...I have to admit, my own. I only noticed the contrast after but I had just begged this Brazilian athlete to come inside my girlfriend in a high-pitched, desperate voice. The only manly, deep grunts in the room were coming from this stud.

Carlos was only too glad to oblige with our begging. Leaning over again, he placed his powerful arms on the sides of her head and really started to fuck into her, leading to his final assault. I watched the muscles in his ass contract as he moved up and down, up and down, picking up speed. The sight was amazing. It was going to happen! I looked back at Jenny as she grasped my hand tightly, almost cutting into the back of my hand with her nails. His shining brown cock was slamming into her pink pussy, destroying it.

She was looking again into his eyes. Looking right into her and fucking her like a machine, Carlos said nothing but just grunted, emitting another deep grunt as he plunged into her. Jenny told me later that she felt a flood of heat spread out all over her body as he was coming inside her. Jenny squealed into another orgasm and I watched in amazement as Carlos kept his cock buried in her all the way, shooting volley after volley of his potent cum inside her. I held my girlfriend's hand while this stud came inside her, knocking her up. Jenny erupted in an orgasm as he flooded her. I came on the floor at the same time he did inside her. Carlos' sexual victory was final and complete.

The two of them stayed together, Carlos on top of Jenny, in post-orgasmic bliss. I had backed off a little as she let my hand go to slightly graze the muscles of his back and shoulders as they were relaxing. Soon however Carlos raised himself up and slowly pulled his magnificent dick out ...his cum was leaking out of her, his cum was everywhere. Jenny looked up at him worshipfully, still.

I watched his physique with admiration, every muscle defined as he relaxed now. He winked and smirked at me. Carlos got up off the bed, and walked by me while I was still on my knees, toward the bathroom. He ruffled my hair as he passed by, and I saw Jenny emit a small chuckle. But she was still totally zombified and lost in a post-orgasmic bliss. I looked toward the bathroom as Carlos walked, admiring again the muscles in his back as he moved, gracefully, like an athlete or warrior after another victory. But somehow I think this was nothing unusual for him.

I looked back at Jenny and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Little did I know what Carlos had planned for us...and for me...for the rest of the night. Because this night ended up being VERY long. But I'll tell you about it next time.

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